The Observatory

Jun 2020

Day dreaming, remembering, and reliving: #Championingplaces

Pre Covid-19 memories of warm sands between our toes, the fresh air off the mountains in our lungs, the euphoria hit from purchasing what you wanted when you wanted in an actual shop, the smile that expanded across your face as you witnessed wide eyed a piece of art in a gallery or indeed the cosy feeling you got from being able to spend time with your loved ones eating, drinking, socialising in all of your favourite places. All memories. Lovely memories, which are hopefully soon to be relived again. 

Whilst our own four walls have offered comfort and security in a time when the world has been going, let’s face it, crazy, we have also had time to daydream, to look back at old photos, relive some of the best times in our favourite places. To celebrate the positive emotions we feel connected to, we have asked our team members from across The Placemakers and our wider BECG group to share with us their favourite places so we can share with you some inspiration for your next adventure in our post Covid-19 world.

Our Championing Places campaign virtually reunites us with our favourite places whilst we are stuck in (a slightly easing) lockdown. Our colleagues have loved using their time to reflect, reminisce and reconnect with the places in their lives that truly spark joy. #ChampioningPlaces allows us the opportunity to share the true importance of place and its ability to inspire; impacting greatly on our health and wellbeing, especially in times such as these when we are unable to visit our most treasured, rural, urban, costal places.

Following recent research from the National Trust, which found that simply looking at a photo of your happy place brings you more joy than even your most precious possessions, we wanted to better understand what places make our team members smile. The research suggests that “areas in our brain involved in emotional processing respond more strongly to significant places” identifying that these emotions are strongly linked to nostalgia and shared meaning with loved ones. Therefore, sharing our favourite places with others is a great way to promote feelings of happiness and wellbeing. Something we could all do with a dose of every now and then.

Our #ChampioningPlaces range from our PR and Marketing Account Director Emma Hughes’ stay in the gorgeous Lake District to our North Office’s Director Kevin Whitmore’s trip to Rome. Kevin shared a picture of the Colosseum saying that he is particularly inspired when thinking about this place due to “the history, the food and the romance”.

The lockdown rules are heading in the right direction,  and that means more opportunities to visit some of our favourite local places once again. Make sure to keep an eye on our Instagram @theplacemakersUK for the daily posts and don’t forget to enjoy a regular nostalgia hit by sharing and tagging  us in your favourite place!