Butterfly Walk Container Park

A meanwhile installation produced as an engaging lead in to longer term more permanent development plans. This unique container park, had the specific aim of fostering local enterprise, by providing work and leisure space to both existing and new start up businesses locally.


As part of a longer term regeneration plan by its owner, this container park scheme with its working title of ‘Camberwell Yards’ was produced as a ‘meanwhile’ installation, to drive engagement with locals and commence relationships with existing and start up business enterprise.

The scheme consisted of 14 re-purposed shipping containers, on an existing carpark, within the demise of the Butterfly Walk Shopping Centre in the heart of Camberwell.

After a series of consultations and workshops with local stakeholders, it became apparent that to engage the community, would require understanding the essence of Camberwell, ensuring this environment clearly aligns with its unique place values and needs.

Therefore creativity and craft, independent retail and enterprise, gardens and green spaces, entertainment and performance and rich varied cultural heritage were at the fore of crafting this place.

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Material Identity

The place itself was not ‘badged’, recognition came from the use of an up-cylcled materials, repurposed to suit new environmental uses and a soft colour palette framing spaces for relaxation and work.

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The user journey

Formulating a journey that seeks to understand the user is critical to defining a place offer, the format of the spacial environment that houses it and how it can be sustained.

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Local planning consultation and proximity of residential neighbours dictated a single level development, shrouded by existing greenery and the creation of an internal square to ensure operational activities and any noise was shielded.

Design and Access

Positive engagement and buy in from Southwark Council and a timely reminder of Camberwell’s’ place in history as a refuge for those seeking an escape from busy city life.