Leake Street Arches

Leake street is a place with its own unique identity by virtue of its gritty urban feel and street art, any applied identity would need to deliver function and amenity without compromising that aesthetic. .


The Leake Street project commissioned by LCR was about championing street artists, whilst encouraging street art enthusiasts and visitors.

There was also a specific place need to improve infrastructure for safety and upgrade disused to make it habitable by the right type of commercial user, but specifically without alienating or gentrifying.

This entailed understanding the incumbent artists, engaging local community groups and ensuring existing and new business could thrive through improving this unique environment. Our identity was formulated around a minimal intervention approach using an industrial palette, and iconic shapes embedded across the environment underpinned by a ‘call to action’ to encourage personal involvement “Leave your Mark.”

Our identity can be seen across print, signage, digital and environmental elements, the lightness of touch and marketability has encouraged the growth of Leake Street as bustling revitalised place.

A reflection of the original place ethos, since the Banksy organised ‘Cans’ festival in 2008 and the subsequent legalisation of Grafitti in the tunnel.


The digital and printed marketing materials aimed to demonstrate the gritty urban feel and immediacy of Leake Street, while still providing the key information required by the agents to sell the space to those interested operators and to attract visitors to a unique and exciting place

Union District Marketing

Mobile enable website and social media set ups

Wayfinding and Signage

In a place where layers of paint soon cover anything it became obvious that signage would be an ongoing part of the the ever changing art installation, informative but stenciled, re-worked and re-applied as part of the ongoing place maintenance.

Environmental Details

The Leake Street ‘L’ became a motif within the environment, from a non slip floor tile to a cut out pattern in the corten steel arch shaped gates.
It even appeared in the form of the concrete bench seating. A subtle yet effective piece of branding
in a ‘no’ brand place.

Design and Access

Positive engagement and buy in from Southwark Council and a timely reminder of Camberwell’s’ place in history as a refuge for those seeking an escape from busy city life.

View to Tunnel

Banksy organised the ‘Cans’ festival in 2008, when graffiti was legalised in the Leake
Street tunnel. It subsequently became globally famous as a unique street art and event space,
this upgrade has improved the safety and facilities for visitors, whist not straying from its original urban place ethos.