Loughborough Junction

Loughborough Junction from a unidentifiable run down thoroughfare between Brixton and Camberwell, to a destinational London place, with its own unique community and identity.


Loughborough Junction is a run down area of Lambeth situated between Brixton and Camberwell,some nine bridges make up the junction. Rathgar Road with its 16 Railways arches was seen as a good place to commence place regeneration due to its railway station proximity. High crime levels had led to a heated atmosphere in the area and the powerful local action group LJAG held Network Rail responsible for the prevailing low levels of amenity. Recreating Rathgar Road as the foundation for Loughborough Junction’s residents and community business pioneers became the objective by showing what it could be, making it safe, visible and accessible and a unique London place rather than a mere thoroughfare. Research was carried out in terms of historical, geo and socio-demographics, local residents and businesses were consulted, needs were identified to provide the foundations of a strategy, for short term ‘meanwhile’ uses and a longer term developments. A place identity and series of offers were devised to help engage ‘from the first train in the morning, to the last train at night’.

Loughborough identity
Loughborough identity monogram

As a the identity evolved, the palette grew to encompass an a ‘LJ’ device combined with a slogan which aimed to engage and invite all to get involved “Loughborough Junction, Make it your own” helped integrate people with environment, street-scape, way-finding and marketing of this unique London place.

Loughborough Identity long


Having a unique graphic device and slogan enabled a visual identity to be applied across a broard range of marketing materials, ensuring the promotion of Loughborough Junction reached both a local and London wide audience.

Loughborough Marketing

Signage and Wayfaring

Clear messaging and directional signs creating a unique London place, not just somewhere a train passed through. Instilling local and pride in the community.

Loughborough Signage
Loughborough Signage
Loughborough Signage
Loughborough Signage
Loughborough Signage

Environmental Elements

One of the key drivers of the project was improving community safety in the area, encouraging local business that operated day and night, bringing the activity and ownership that promotes safety and physically opening up dingy arches to create new brightly lit beautifully planed thoroughfares.

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The scheme became the basis for local engagement and ‘meanwhile’ business use of the arches, a detailed masterplan is currently been addressed and it is hoped that a substantial budget will be forthcoming for major environmental works..