Nelson Mandel Sq Sandton Johannesburg

A design planning focus around a customer centric environment to reinforce Nelson Mandela Square as the beating Heart of Sandton


The strategy for Nelson Mandel Square in Sandton City Johanessburg had a design focus around developing a planning model for a customer centric environment. To create synergy with surrounding amenities, spaces, commercial entities and transportation adjacencies and a new retail proposition which would endorse Nelson Mandela Square as a cultural and destinational heart. To optimise visitor drivers – retail, dining, culture and encourage visits where existing customers become future advocates for the place and to improve physical and visual connectivity within the estate and to all adjacent environs. Providing a commercial mix which responds to customer wants and needs.

Union District Logo

Retail Concept

The best in South African and International fashion and lifestyle retailing. A new department store with the very best in fashion retailing for men, women and children, complemented with lifestyle retail for the home as well as imaginative accessories for individuals. Striking new stores and pop-up/ emporium environments. Also a strong F&B choice, with sociable casual dining, a variety of specialist cafes and signature fine dining in generous new environments benefiting from open vistas into the buzzing, beating and vibrant square that forms the heart of this scheme.


As designed planning focus around optimisation of connectivity using visual, structural and sensory means to encourage and enable people flow to and around the square.

Opportunity to make this the principle cultural & leisure destination for Sandton and Johannesburg.

Therefore the planning needs to maximise connectivity and optimise customer flows…

…to make it the heart of Sandton

Environmental Feature

As part of the process improvement in the approaches were suggested by incorporating new features which would enable physical and visual connectivety

The Beating Heart of Sandton