NW Bicester

Elmbrook by A2Dominion in Bicester is the world first zero carbon residential
project of its size


In the heart of Oxford, a new eco-town has been created by residential property group, A2Dominion.
Elmsbrook, part of the NW Bicester masterplan is the world’s first true zero carbon residential development of its size. From planning to resident liaison, we have been working with A2Dominion to put the scheme on the map, encouraging residential sales and commercial occupants.

Understanding the local impact of the eco-town in parallel to its national position, which was to test the highly challenging standards set out in the Government’s original Eco Towns Planning Policy, was key to delivering a creative placemaking campaign with longevity. The core concept for communications was on the benefits of eco-town living; human, altruistically, economically, financially, and environmentally.

Understanding purchasing drivers, consumer eco-behaviours and corporate CSR commitments were at
the heart of the strategy. From digital delivery, planning engagement, award entries, construction communications,
resident communications, media relations and content generation, every element was rooted back to the benefits of
eco-town living.

Engagement with content generated across all platforms has been higher thanindustry average. More than 285 businesses signed up to the Business Portal on the website helping with local positioning, over 3000 members of the wider local community attended open community days and over 400 pieces of positivemedia coverage have been secured
with 78% including 3 out of 5 of the agreed key messages.