The place as a virtual ‘hang out’ a digital world, that facilities  online community gatherings, that can then spill over into a real world venues.


“Pre-drinking” or “Pre-drinks” is a culture in which young adults will drink at home, often with alcohol bought
from their local supermarket or off-license. It doesn’t always involve Alcohol, if someone is having a quiet night,
have volunteered to be the designated driver or just doesn’t drink.

“Pre-drinks” is more about a social gathering of friends before going on a night out. With this in mind we
have created Predrinx.

At it’s core, Predrinx is the brand name for a new social media network and events site for 18-25 year olds.

For users, Predrinx provides the recipe for the perfect party with music and interactive games. For brands and advertisers, it’s a cool and trendy way to put your products in front of this discerning hard to reach market as well as enabling products and services to be tested and proffered.



Firstly In a digital environment there will be a fully functioning website.

This website provide the most information and interactivity to users. There will also be a cross-platform mobile app. This will hold games, promotions and interface with the main website.

Secondly Predrinx will promote pop-up evening events around the UK. This will be the base for real world interaction.

Union District Marketing


The website and App will provide a platform for
18-25 year olds to interact with one another as well as influence the future of products and brands.

Digital elements

Gamification helps drive users with competitions, games, photo uploads and virtually played local
and national events.



With pop up venue linked to the app revenue streams include Sponsorship, online advertising, product sampling
and data capture, lead generation and ticket sales